LEED Certification Consulting

LEED Consultant

LEED certification has become a hot topic for individuals and business owners interested in greening up their business practices. There are enormous financial, environmental, and public relation advantages for properties that are LEED-certified. Greenwave Global Consulting can help you become LEED-certified so you to can enjoy:

  • Lower operating costs
  • Increased asset value
  • Energy and water conservation
  • Reduced greenhouse gas emissions
  • Healthier and safer buildings for occupants
  • Recognized commitment to environmental stewardship
  • Tax rebates and other incentives

ENERGY STAR Benchmarking


Your first step in determining how your building's energy performance compares to simlar buildings in the area. 

Why "Benchmark"?

  • Better understand your building's energy performance: A Benchmark will show how your building's energy performance compares to simliar (peer) buildings in your area.
  • Empower your building portfolio management:  The ENERGY STAR rating of your building will inform you on whether you should take the next step of performing an Energy Audit to determine which areas of your building need improvements to increase energy efficiency. Increased energy efficiency translates to a higher ENERGY STAR rating. Such improvements might include a lighting retrofit and adjusting and/or replacing components of an existing HVAC system, among others.
  • Improve your building's marketability:  A building that achieves a high ENERGY STAR rating compared to its peers has greater marketability and value for potential tenants and buyers of your property. 
  • Increase your business profitability: The information obtained from the Benchmark, the Energy Audit, and implementation of energy effiiciency stratgies will result in many benefits such as lower building operating costs, increased revenue for the building owner, and longer occupancies.

Air Testing Services

Air Testing

An important challenge today is how to improve and maintain Indoor Air Quality in buildings while at the same time reducing their overall energy consumption. Our team of professionals can provide multiple levels of indoor air testing to help provide that perfect balance. We offer the following:

  • ASHRAE 62.1 Minimum Indoor Air standards testing
  • IBEAM Reports
  • Air Quality Assesments 

Engineering Services

Energy Audit

Greenwave Global knows that many building owners and managers desire to better understand their building’s energy usage. Our knowledgeable team of energy experts have in-depth and detailed experience in building Energy Auditing, Modeling, Benchmarking, ASHRAE Audit Requirements, and Energy Compliance. 

Greenwave Global has the expertise needed to guide our clients in determining which level of energy auditing is the most cost effective for their building and facilities. We conduct the following services: 

  • ASHRAE Level 1 Energy Audit
  • ASHRAE Level 2 Energy Audit
  • Energy Modeling